Do you know what a “Zeigarnik Effect” is?

Well, it is a psychological phenomenon where you have the tendency to remember incomplete tasks rather than the completed ones. This effect has been developed by Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik, a Russian psychiatrist and psychologist.

Why am I talking about this? Erm, because…

As the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is airing tonight on NBC, here are some of the things that have increased the rewatch value of the show over the series, whether we have realized it or not!

  1. Relatable as it can be: The characters and the dynamic of the whole…

Let me paint a detailed picture-

1. Messaging someone a lot-

Oh my God, I have sent him/her 20 messages and the replies were only 18. Did I seem too desperate? Lonely? Did I seem too available? Oh no, is he/she now making fun of me?

2. Caring for someone-

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An amateur writer from Bangladesh, living in Malaysia

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